WP Parametric Search

Resources Parametric Search

Resources Library where it comprises from marketing presentations to product whitepapers as well as training materials is the most used areas of any web. Due to a huge resources library, often finding the right material is an daunting task. To simplify development process, web site generally use simple navigation to branching out different categories. However, this technique although simply the development but is not yielding a good user experience. I was asked to come up with a design that allows user to quickly finding anything from categories to materials formats to event types. Hence, the Parametric Search.

  • Required to develop using WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Single Page Navigation
  • Reasonable Performance

Published 2014


  • Work with Business Owner to Define Scope of the project
  • Analyze current implementation and its data structure
  • Provide quick Wireframe Mockups
  • Structuring Custom WP Types
  • Implementing Parametric Search and Search Results pages
  • Manage Project Timeline to ensure deliverables are right on target


WP-Types Custom Type